And just like that,
the shadows lift,

a corner,
unaccustomed to light,
reveals its rough edges,
craggy stones,

alone for so long,
its scars and beauty

human hands in decades past
made this their master work,
and now its moment has arrived anew,

a reminder that shadows can lift
from rough-hewn edges,
from hard-earned scars,
to reveal truth, beauty,
and a second chance.

This poem was inspired by the refurbished Historic Trolley District that was built between 1882 and 1920 to serve horse carriages, streetcars and buses. It is now the vibrant East Market located at 212 Kelton Ave. Columbus. Go check it out: https://eastmarketcolumbus.com/

4 responses

  1. From beautiful restored buildings to human beings — everything deserves a second chance. Even if we fall into ruin, we can be restored.
    “And just like that, the shadows lift. . . .” offers great hope. When searching for optimism, I’ll return to your poem frequently.

  2. I love the imagery of this poem reminding us of the beauty of hidden places and utilitarian spaces.

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