Monthly Archives: January, 2017

I Hope She Prays for All of Us


I stop beside a silent wood

to breathe in frosted air,

to feel the mossy forest floor

and sense the creatures there,


to see the glory laid before

my eyes this Christmas night,

and wonder at the majesty

created by God’s might,


I marvel at the universe

so beautiful and vast,

that also has such deep divides

that seem to ever last,


I, then, behold a wondrous site,

an angel bathed in light,

her head bowed low in silent prayer,

what does she ask this night?


I hope she prays for peace and love,

acceptance, truth and trust,

and adds to that a special prayer

for all that’s fair and just,


I hope she prays for all of us

spread across this land,

so we can live in harmony

a loving, gentle band


of folks who know that love is love

despite our race or creed

who know that people everywhere

deserve to live their dreams.