Monthly Archives: April, 2023



A woman sits in her courtyard waiting for flowers to grow,

Another waits at her bank to make the last payment on her house,

A boy fishes at the neighborhood pond waiting for a bite,

A baby cries in her crib, waiting for familiar hands
to scoop her up in a warm embrace,

A woman waits for news of a job offer,

A teenager sits in class waiting for the last bell to ring,

An airplane pilot waits for the signal to take off,
another waits for clearance to land,

A child waits for his turn on the slide,

A photographer waits for a perfect sunset,

A chef waits for the first reviews of her new restaurant,

A writer waits for inspiration,

A farmer waits for rain,

A patient waits for her pain to end,

Eventually, the waiting will end,

the flowers will bloom,

and we’ll begin again.

Subjects of photo – Regina and Maggie May