Monthly Archives: February, 2022


I pass the statue
every day,
its presence no longer stops
my gaze, my steps
from continuing
along the path,

my dog in tow,
we know the way,

but today I pause,
a forgotten hat and ball
add a splash of color,
of whimsy,

I step closer, I smile,
I think about my sons’ first steps,
my arms reaching to catch them,

before they fall
for the first time,

before life trips
them up
in unforeseen ways,

the way it does for all of us,

but today it’s all joy,
stopping in the park,
imagining a first step,
then a second,

then who knows where
his tiny steps will take him,

trusting his mother will
never let him fall too far.

Alfred Tibor (February 10, 1920 – March 18, 2017) was a beloved sculptor, Holocaust survivor and Bexley, Ohio resident who dedicated his life to expressing art that evoked human emotion. He said, “As a Holocaust survivor, I believe that my life was spared to do my work so people can enjoy it. I never lost faith and I never gave up hope that tomorrow would bring a better, brighter and more beautiful future for all. Whether it is one of my Holocaust sculptures, a biblical figure, or a woman standing proud and tall, the human aspect of the piece is what is being expressed to the viewer – that there is beauty and value to be found in all our lives, for I truly believe that life is a celebration.”
Tibor’s art can be seen in over 500 private collections and countless public spaces. Many are in the Columbus, Ohio area.
This sculpture is called “Second Step”.