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Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015 card collage3

A colorful gift, wrapped with care, sat at the end of the hall; its golden bow, tied just right, tempted kitty’s paws. The child asked if she could be the one to look inside. Of course, her mother answered back, of course, please look inside. A quiet calm cast forth a spell, for unbeknownst to them, the same gift sat in every house across the world’s vast lands. And at that moment, near and far, each box was opened wide and therein was a single note that rose and flew from sight. Then every note from every box combined in joyous song, a song so pure the stars joined in and twinkled all night long. The people heard and sang along, they sang with one accord, they sang a song for all mankind so hope might be restored. The notes hung in the air that night and stayed for many more; it seemed the   music kept the peace where hearts and souls were torn. So, if you hear a song tonight, make sure you sing along. The song’s a gift for all of us, so sing out loud and strong.