Monthly Archives: September, 2014

Poem: I Don’t Recall



I don’t recall
when I first fell
for fall,

too young to know
what seasons were,
or the reasons the leaves
fell to the ground
peppering the lawn
with the colors of dawn,
I sensed the change
in the air, in the trees,
in the quickening step of folks
who smiled into the light,
their sheer delight
alive in their eyes,
senses on high alert,

scents imbued
with spiced goodness,
cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves,
sprinkled with abandon
in cider, pies, donuts,
coffee, tea,
saturated the air
with a rare effusive gift,

and I, a child,
accepted the gift
knowing even then
that reason
could not explain
the magical
wonders of the season;

no wonder I fell for fall.

Poem: We Don’t Control Much



We don’t control much,
it’s the truth, my dear friends,
what we do with that fact,
well, it all just depends,

we can yell, moan and groan
when we have a bad day,
or begin to lose heart
as our nerves start to fray,

we can say it’s unfair,
that bad things occur,
that it’s tough to get through
all the things we endure,

yet, the power to deal
with the worry and strife,
the power is ours
to take back our life,

so, here’s what we’ll do,
we may have to change,
but nothing too tough,
just a slight rearrange,

we control how we think,
how we feel and react,
we can change all of that,
and that is a fact,

like the mood that we bring,
the song that we sing,
the way that we think
about every small thing,

it’s in our control
to smile or frown,
to own how we feel,
to be up or be down,

we don’t control much,
it’s the truth my dear friends,
what we do with that fact,
well, it all just depends.