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Daisy Queen of the Flower Kingdom

Shannon's picture of Megan - 2015 - daisys in hair
From this day forward, ye shall be called the Daisy Queen,
and shall henceforth reign over
all the subjects in the Flower Kingdom,
ye are tasked with spreading joy and good cheer
by creating daisy crowns
for all the young maidens of the kingdom,
ye shall, additionally, set aside time each summer
for dancing and singing in the meadow
and picnicking on the royal grounds;
swans shall be released into the moat
and lambs shall frolic on the lawn,
all other tasks will be set aside until such time
that ye, the Daisy Queen, deem they commence again,
now go forth and rule your subjects
with the strength of a mighty oak and heartfelt
compassion for even the smallest daisy in the kingdom.