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A Radiance of Cardinals

cardinals1 - by Marti

Photo by Marti Garvey:


She told me
Cardinals appeared after his death,
like sentinels keeping watch
over her wounded heart,

they painted her yard
a vibrant red,
the color of her still beating heart
torn apart by loss,

sorrow heightens our senses
to what lives around the edges,
the things that vibrate with
mystical meaning,

we tune to that frequency
when death occurs,
when the world offers no
respite from pain,

our minds and hearts open
to the presence of angels,
to a radiance of cardinals,
to spiritual wonder,

it’s a rare window,
only open when the heart is ready
to see, feel and hear
the presence and power of the universe,

invite cardinals into that space
they will help heal your wounded heart.



Thank you so much, Marti Garvey, for letting me use this amazing photo!
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