I started this new blog as a way to jump start my writing.  My former blog is Embracing Epiphanies  and still exists but is currently dormant.  I may, from time to time, bring a post from that blog to this new location.  The title for this blog is pretty simple.  It truly is just poetry and prose, which encompasses just about everything.  The catchy word is ‘just’.  I like that it means multiple things:  fair, even-handed, decent, principled, rightful, suitable, valid, sound, legitimate, exactly, precisely, wholly, thoroughly, very recent and in the immediate past.  I will aim for my writing to live up to those describers.

I write because it’s something I love to do, but also because I hope to bring a bit of optimism and light into the world.  There is nothing but an upside to being positive and sending out good thoughts.  I think we need it now more than ever.  I love comments so please engage me in conversation.  I promise I’ll reply.

As an added note, I published a book last year (2013) for children.  It’s called A Halloween Brew of Poems Just for You.  It was illustrated by Sean Sweeney, a talented alum of the Columbus College of Art and Design.  If you visit Amazon.com and type in the name of the book or my name (Rita Bourland), you will find it – or just click the link I’ve included.  I think there’s likely someone on your gift list who would enjoy receiving it next Halloween.  There are several reviews of the book to peruse.  Thanks!

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