Monthly Archives: November, 2020


The sun rose today
with a flair,
chasing the morning dew
and threatening clouds
that dared to mar a perfect day,

some days feel that way,

so perfect,
the world seems to align
from one pole to the other,

across continents and oceans,
countries and cities,
across backyards and playgrounds,

from one heart to another, to another,

one might stop to ponder
why it feels so right,

then remember the power of the sun,

providing warmth,
and so much more,
for life on earth,

a life so precious,
we get the chance,
every day,
to rise and dream again,

a chance to spread the light
from one heart to another, to another.

Collage and Poem by Rita Bourland –

Written after the election – 2020

Dear Humans

All of these dogs live in my neighborhood and see each other regularly at Sunny 95 Park in Upper Arlington, Ohio. Maggie May is our dog. Ever since we got her in June 2019, she has introduced us to the most wonderful people and their pets. This is an homage to building beautiful friendships with a little help from our pets.