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The Most Beloved of All

bench under tree6


The majestic tree
stood strong
by the river’s edge,
her roots moored
firmly to the earth,

her branches,
a canopy of shade
for the bench ’neath her feet,
a seat where folks laid
weighty burdens down,

it was there she opened her heart
to their secrets and sorrows,
their dreams for the morrow,

bending low,
she hushed the wind,
then listened with care
to the joys they shared,
the heartaches they bared,
while her branches encircled
and calmed,

all who came to the restful place
were blessed by her
friendship and grace,

she stood through it all,
bending with the wind
but never breaking,
not worried
how her own life might end,

always present within
the cycles of time,
the orbit of sun and moon,
the change from light to dark,

no other tree
would ever
stand so strong,
nor live so long,
nor share such love,

the forest cried
the day she died,
and so did all the souls
she left behind,

when morning came
the following day,
the sun burst forth,
spreading hope
to the shadows,
while a song filled the sky
with the sound of heaven’s joy,

this is the way the tree lived on,
and why she’ll remain
the most beloved of all,



Written in memory of Eleanor Walker – 2019