Monthly Archives: May, 2019



May blessings settle in your home
like peace at silent dawn,
resting in the shadows
and the rays of noonday sun,

floating on the whispered wind,
alive on fragrant breeze,
present in the robin’s song,
carried on his wings,

nestled in the teapot,
and there on buttered bread,
there upon the table,
there in folded hands,

there in every troubled heart
and all the gentle souls
who find their way inside this space,
your warm and welcome home.

We Carry One Another


If we carry one another,
the load is divided
in two,

it’s true,

I never knew
as a child,
or as I grew,
that I would need
to be carried,

how lucky I was
to have you

when the time came,

I knew
it was hard
for you
to do the
heavy lifting,

but I’m here now,
I’m whole,
I’m strong,

if you need to be carried,
let me be the one
to share your load,

if we divide it in two,
we will survive.