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From Dawn to Hopeful Dawn

angel on christmas card - 2017

From Dawn to Hopeful Dawn

There’s a grotto where an angel stands,

her hands in silent prayer,

she doesn’t flinch as stones are tossed

and bullets fill the air,

she knows full well of human strife

and bombs and war that fill the night,

she knows the scourge of homelessness,

and the plight of those

who must take flight

to reach a safer land,

yet, still, she prays unceasingly

from dawn to hopeful dawn,

doing all she can, it seems, to counteract

the endless stream

of hateful words

and harmful deeds

that seem to fill our world,

so, let us add our prayers to hers,

then act with God’s true grace

to walk our path and leave a trace

of only light and love,

we have a chance this Christmas to

move toward Peace on Earth

by all we say and do and live

from dawn to hopeful dawn.