King of His Realm

King of his Realm

They gather at his feet
like subjects before their king,
he wields power
with a decisive toss of his hand,

but the land he commands
is neither kingdom nor realm,
and he neither king nor prince,

just a homeless sentry
in a city square
feeding pigeons day old bread,

passersby see a tattered life
with no respite, no relief,

yet his plight in life
is of no concern to the hungry birds
as they peck and push to get
their hard-earned share,

unaware there is no share
for the gentle man
with the biggest heart
in the kingdom.

2 responses

  1. Beautiful reminder that we’re all as “human” and purposeful as each other. We could learn from the birds to accept others as they do. Perfect words here.

    1. Thank you, Judy. So true. Everyone has a heart and a story worthy of acknowledgement.

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