Do not be afraid
of shifting rocks,

they will always exist,

take my hand,

plant one foot
as best you can,

don’t panic,

if the stones move,
find some balance,
then lift your other foot,

wait until it’s secure
before moving forward,

keep doing that
until you reach shore,

until you reach
the end of another day,

remove your boots,
dump out the muck,
the unwelcome stuff,

get some sleep,
then plan to wade through
another day tomorrow,

shifting rocks
are all around,

take my hand,
we’ll find our way together.

Picture was taken by my niece of her two young daughters with their grandfather (my brother)
at the Yellowwood State Forest Spillway in Indiana after a day of fishing.

4 responses

  1. Maureen Shepherd | Reply

    Great poem and photo. Yes, each day is a new opportunity to face our challenges.

    1. Challenges will always exist. We are lucky to offer such loving support to each other. xoxo

  2. These words expressing the great beauty of intergenerational support and fun show perfection of learning and love.

    1. Thank you, Judy! It’s beautiful to see the intergenerational activities and cherish those precious moments whether in person or from afar. xoxo

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