Canadian geese


She was walking in the park
having a less than stellar day,

so many things had gotten in the way
of her happiness,

not sure when it all began
or when it would end,

maybe it was a trend that would
continue on some unknown trajectory,

but there, by the pond,
she spied baby goslings
all fluffy and soft,

just beginning their lives,
but already swimming and foraging,

tough little birds,
not yet afraid of unseen dangers
or a world of strangers,

she smiled considering
all the hopeful signs of spring,

trees giving birth to leaves,
geese giving birth to goslings,
people giving birth to dreams,

maybe she could give birth to
something new,

quit counting her losses,
start counting goslings in the pond,
blossoms on the trees,
smiles on the faces of passersby,

maybe she could start counting
on a different trajectory for her life,

one step, one dream at a time.

Photo by Annalies Corbin at Sunny 95 Park. See more of Annalies’ photography at
follow her at @annaliescorbinphotography on instagram.

4 responses

  1. Changing trajectory by encountering goslings. So many opportunities to learn from if we only take a look, or can be reminded through an inspired poem.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Changing trajectory doesn’t come easily for us humans, but sometimes we are nudged by a well-placed gosling or maybe a rainbow after a storm. xoxo

  2. Your thoughtful words strike a particularly relevant note with me, Rita. On my walks along the Canal’s Tow Path recently there have been several gaggles of goslings with their parents at the water’s edge. I was inspired in many of the ways that you so artfully describe in your Giving Birth post. Blessed be!

  3. Thank you, Ellen! I have been on the Canal Tow Path and can envision your walk and the goslings dotting the water’s edge. What a peaceful image. I’m so happy you experienced such a lovely sight. xoxo

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