I’m the moon of your childhood,
the moon of your now,

never sleeping,
always keeping watch,

even on the darkest days,
when the world
seems to have lost its way,

even then,
I’m here to remind you
that wonder exists,

it’s there on a starlit night,
at the dawn of day,
in the ways the universe
offers grace,

gather in the wonder,
feel the gift of peace.

I wrote this during the summer of 2020 as a reminder of the
connectedness of all humanity, especially during this
difficult time in the world when we’ve all been frightened yet hopeful
under the same ever-present moon.

by Rita Bourland
Photo of the moon by Lisa Berg
taken at 4:40 a.m. on Aug. 4, 2020

4 responses

  1. So helpful, for always, and especially today! A reminder that it all continues.

    1. Judy, the moon is a constant reminder to breathe and continue. xoxo

  2. Maureen Shepherd | Reply

    It is good to remember that much in life is timeless.

    1. Maureen, that is so true. The moon guides us through all the cycles and ups and downs of our lives. xoxo

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