When is it Time

lisa berg - hummingbird

Photo by Lisa Berg

When is it Time

When is it time
to go,

it’s a mystery
how I know
I’m ready,

subtle shifts in the air,
small whispers in my ear,
take care,

your journey
will be long,
you belong there
not here,

be strong,
bring along
your will
to fly,

keep an eye
to the skies,
to the earth
spinning ‘neath your wings,


we yearn
for our own
whispered clues

as we ponder
our days,

it’s hard to discern
which way to turn,
whether to go
or stay,

be safe
little hummingbird,
we’re counting
on you.


2 responses

  1. This is a gift to anyone missing one of summer’s brightest gift, the dear hummingbirds. Wonderful words honoring their presence with us — fragility with great strength. Yes, we count on them.

  2. Thank you, Judy. It’s wonderful of you to leave this comment for me. I know you have a deep love for our tiny bird friends. If they can survive, against all odds, then we likely will do the same.

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