Poem: Majestic Monarchs


Majestic Monarchs

Stained glass beauties
on paper thin wings,
fragile yet strong,
migrating across land and sea,
2000 miles
to Mexico’s highlands,

so much stands in their way,

heat, predators,
heavy rainstorms, shifting winds;
they fly when conditions are good,
seeking shelter when threatened,
never deterred from their goal,
booking a one way ticket to
their personal paradise,
where majestic tall trees
call their names,

some believe butterflies
are the spirits
of Mexican ancestors;
souls of departed loved ones
returning home,

I believe they are a
a vivid reminder of the
fragility of life,
the resilience of the spirit,
and the mysteries that abound in the universe,

there is much to learn from the majestic monarchs,
stained glass beauties
on paper thin wings.

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