Poem: A Party for Five at Four



The first guest arrives at a quarter past two;
He wears a green suit, but only one shoe,

The second stops by at a minute past three;
She wears a large hat that is bigger than me,

The third is on time as the clock turns to four;
She ties up her horse then wanders next door,

The fourth guest arrives at a quarter ‘til five;
He tells a big tale about bees and a hive,

The fifth is quite late at twenty past six,
He stopped on the way to do magic tricks,

They’re all a bit strange, but then so are we;
We built our fine house in a giant oak tree,

The only way in is the only way out,
By pulling a rope and then giving a shout,

The bucket comes down to give you a ride,
Then quick as a lick you’re sitting inside,

Stop by for a chat if you’re ever in town;
No matter the time we’ll show you around.

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