Poem: Rainy Day (with video)

Please turn on the sound and enjoy it while reading the poem.


The rain settled in,
Becoming the soundtrack to
My afternoon,

Everything slowed down
To accommodate its tempo,

I worked the crossword,
Barely lifting my pen
Before moving to the next clue,

My brain lulled into
A placid trance,
I barely glanced at the time,
Not inclined to worry or care,

The clock ticked, the cat yawned and stretched,
I fetched a cup of tea
While the rain kept up a steady beat,

My daydreams turned to distant shores
And hidden doors
I explored
While nestled
In a comfy chair,

And still the rain came down.


2 responses

  1. These are the most relaxing words I’ve read all week!

  2. Thank you and thanks to the rain for providing inspiration!

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