Oh, to be an owl,
whose wisdom sits
lightly on shoulders
feathered for flight,

who soars at night
on silent wings,
eyes piercing
through moonless, misty skies,

past trees
whose leaves tremble
in silent respect,

oh, to feel
his mantle of wisdom,
his steady strength,
imbuing us with fearless flight,

relieving our burdened spirits,
allowing vision beyond this day,
this way of being,

seeing everything
for what it is,

understanding our place
in this universe, this space
where each breath,
each sigh aligns,

where love and wisdom
still reside.

Art (colored pencil on suede art paper) by my cousin Kathy Garvey Quinn

One response

  1. This beautiful Owl and Poetry won my heart on so many levels. Perfection in feathers and words. Oh, wonder!

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