A friend picked a clover,

every leaf a precious heart,

we had been looking
for hearts on our walk,

and then,
they were everywhere,

like we had conjured them
with a magic wand
to appear in the rocks, flowers,
trees and clouds,

on the well-trodden path,
heart shapes were there,

like a song of love
to walk us home,

after a day when important
things fell out of shape,

there in the clover,
unassuming hearts
assured us that love
continues to vibrate
in all living things,

renewing us,
even on days
when our world loses shape.

Photo and Poem by Rita Bourland

Thank you to Regina Goetz for finding the beautiful clover and to Estelle Boyaka for suggesting we look for hearts on our walks each day.

4 responses

  1. Maureen Shepherd | Reply

    A lovely thought for how to make a walk even more enjoyable!

    1. Maureen, it’s a lovely thing to focus on!

  2. To find heart shapes everywhere. . .even on days when our world loses shape. . . gives me great hope.

    1. Judy, they are everywhere once we attune our eyes and spirits.

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