The stone steps,
embedded in the earth,
rose from ravine to hilly peak,
offering a way for small feet
to complete the ascent,

such a big task for a small lad,

yet, he was glad for the day,
for the way he could
breathe in and out,
while hiking up and up,

he paused to fill his pockets and hands,
an acorn with a perfect cap,
a stick shaped like a wand,
a shimmery, glassy stone,
a leaf the color of sunset,

every few steps,
something new caught his eyes,
something new caught his ears,

chittering chipmunks,
chattering squirrels,
birds fluttering to and fro
in the vast canopy of trees,

when he reached the top,
his folks marveled at his finds,
then took his hands to meander
their way back home,

it was much later in life,
when he, once again,
ascended the stairs,

this time, his giant strides
reached the peak without rest,

he recalled that earlier hike,
the feeling of being so small,
the thrill of seeing it all,

so, he went down
and did it again.

Photo by my niece, Amber, of her young son.

2 responses

  1. “The Thrill of Seeing It All” captures perfectly this great accomplishment of a brave small person. Bravo child, bravo poet!

    1. Thank you, Judy! Yes, bravo child. He is an inspiration for the spirit and for this poet. 😉

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