Poem: A Mirror Reflects it All



A mirror reflects it all,
With nary a judgment call,
a hand, a face, an empty space,
a foyer with a crystal vase,
spilling forth flowers
to greet the guests,
a mirror stands ready to see it all,
the short, the tall,
the young, the old,
the shy, the chic, the wry the bold,
fancy gents and casual liars,
vacant eyes and raw desire,
a mirror is there reflecting back
whatever we wish to show,
whatever we want it to know,
we wash away our daytime face,
brush our teeth, stand in place,
searching, peering, wondering why
the wrinkles come, the skin’s so dry,
the mirror, like a sentry stands
all day and night in quiet command
of what we see, or wish to see each day.

One response

  1. Wonderful ode to all the mirrors I’ve known, and the dependency. Multiple insights that cover all of us. The photo is incredible with its many layers. I keep looking at it.

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