Poem: Finding Harmony

harmony project4


The notes shimmer
Like rain beneath a streetlight,


Illuminating time and space
With a starlike glow,

Drawing the eyes and ears
To a spot just beyond reach,

So perfect the sound,
That heart beats align
Like a perfect rhyme,

Folks don’t mind
The pause in their day,

Laying aside the tasks at hand,
They walk hand in hand,
Seeking the sound that
Stirs the soul,

Yearning to feel, to hear, to see,
The harmony,

And so their seeking goes on,
Sometimes falling flat, losing the rhyme,
Wasting time, so much to do,

Yet beginning anew,

On the quest for the magical,
Shimmering notes
That bring peace and unity to all.


My ‘harmony’ drawing is a little bit of Op Art to illuminate the elusiveness of finding harmony and peace in our lives.

2 responses

  1. Love the art! With these words, you invoke the feeling of the sound of music.

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